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The world's first online sports diary for billiard players
21 useful articles on the psychology of sport as a gift
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SPORTIVITY is a service that gives tools for player progress
in the field of work with the psychological component of sports
Analyze tournaments and matches
Now you'll see what's holding back your progress and you can consciously influence it
Find the correlation between the result and the state with the help of the graph of emotions
The chart will show you what emotions are keeping you from winning tournaments and help you understand:
What state you play better and what state you play worse.
At what point does your condition change.
What to change at the next tournament.
Build the "mindset of a champion" with the help of simulators
22 exercise simulators will help you get rid of:
Fear of a tough opponent.
Fear of spectators.
Shame in front of others.
Fear of missing or losing.
Hi, my name is SPORTIVITY.
I am your virtual psychologist
Let me tell you a little about how I can greatly improve your progress in just a few weeks
Even experienced players, who have extensive experience and excellent technique
often do not realize even 50% of their potential
You constantly train and work on your technique,
But in the tournament you can not implement what you have learned, there is instability
You realize that you play 50-80% worse, than you were in training.
In the match you are afraid to play boldly and freely, you feel stiff and cramped
The accumulated experience is lost,
When a stressful situation occurs
There is no stability in the technical and psychological aspect:
The result of the game is highly dependent on mood and external factors
There is no understanding of why you win or lose.
the results are chaotic and unstable, it is not clear how to manage their condition
Sharp reactions to statements made by an opponent or spectators -
the quality of the game is drastically reduced
As a result:
There is no constant progress
Sports are no longer fun
Internal insecurity and apathy appear
There is a desire to quit training and tournaments
The meaning of training is lost and the desire to progress is lost
How can I help you?
The most important thing for any player is to fill out the Sports Diary
Filling out the diary on a regular basis will help keep track,
What were your thoughts and emotions during the match
Keeping track of how you feel in stressful situations,
you will be able to change reactions and drastically improve your results
To analyze a played match or tournament
that you need to answer
You need to press the "Talk about the tournament" button in the bot
All questions were prepared by experts in sports psychology and coaching
You start a dialogue in a survey format, consisting of 15-20 questions,
After you pass the dialogue, I'll send you immediately to SPORTIVITY:
Tournament report
All answers are generated in one file for easy review and further comparison of changes
Emotion chart
The graph will show what emotions and in what period of time you are experiencing
Next, we will discuss with you the received report
It will allow you to find points of growth and lead you to important answers and insights
What was the main lesson you learned from this tournament?
Which component is worth working on?
What is your goal for the next tournament?
If you could have played the tournament first, what would you have done differently?
For SPORTIVITY. NO "right or wrong"
There is only your space where you can be honest and be yourself
Your path to SPORTIVITY will be delicate and UNobtrusive
Move at your own pace, there's no race. Give yourself time to change
Are you ready to unlock your potential and move toward new victories and accomplishments right now?
SPORTIVITY is ready to analyze your tournament
21 useful articles on the psychology of sport as a gift
You will see how you progress from tournament to tournament
The "Compare Tournaments" feature will help you find the correct, necessary conclusions for growth,
And tournament reports will allow you to track how your inner state is changing
We found out the reasons that are holding back your progress
Now it's time for a dramatic change
I will generate 5 simulators,
Just pick the belief you want to change, and go for it!
those work through and fix the problems identified
You can use 5 types of simulators that will "pump up" all areas of your life
Belief simulators
Thoughts determine action, which is why you should work on the quality of your thinking.

Pick a belief that's keeping you from winning and work through it in the simulator.
Fundamental Simulators
You will develop your strengths and develop your personal formula for "optimum fighting condition," which will allow you to work every tournament at 100%
Coming soon in the SPORTIVITY app
Ambulance Simulators
There was a problem during the match?

Pocket "rescuers" will allow you to quickly work through an emerging condition that prevents you from being "here and now" during a break
Complex Simulators
Independent work and strengthening yourself between tournaments:
Research Simulators
Athletes often forget how much has been accomplished, how many victories have been won, and how many difficulties have been overcome.

Now you will record all your victories, increasing your confidence and awareness
Concentration development.
Helpful meditations on setting focus.
Coming soon in the SPORTIVITY app
Coming soon in the SPORTIVITY app
Coming soon in the SPORTIVITY app
Right now there are 22 simulators waiting for you, that will help
Get rid of:
Fear of a tough opponent
Fear of audience appreciation
Shame in front of others
Fear of missing or losing
Comparing oneself to others
Techniques of focusing on the shot
Phrases for the mood of the match
Thanks to the simulators, I will change your psychological beliefs at the level of thought
"I'm afraid of the opponent."
"I can beat him."
After working through SPORTIVITY