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figure skating
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SPORTIVITY is a service that provides tools for athlete's progress
in the areas of statistical, psychological, and educational aspects of sports.
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Keep a sport diary fill
in right on your phone
Fill in the event cards
Analyse training and fill in the results of the competition
the statistics
All indicators will be presented in the form of graphs
Keep tracker of sports performance
Improve the technical elements in the game form and tick your little victories
Get inspired by affirmations and motivations
Every day is a new phrase that will move you to new results
Study articles on sports psychology
You will begin to understand how the brain is connected to the body and how it affects progress in sports
Do ideomotor training
And strengthen your technique with audio training on scientific methods
Breathing exercises
They will help you relax and return to "here and now"
Get ready to the tournament effectively by listening to meditation
This tool will help you quickly enter a "combat" state or just calm down
Listen to podcasts on sports
Invited guests with expert topics
Watch video courses on sports psychology
Get even more knowledge by learning valuable content from the best sports psychologists and TOP athletes
Готов уже сейчас раскрыть свой потенциал, двигаться к новым победам и свершениям?
SPORTIVITY уже готов проанализировать твою тренировку
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Мобильное приложение для улучшения спортивных результатов
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